Price holders

size WxH, mm.
60x40 price: 7.2 rubles

Price holder on the hook

Art. DC-3

size WxH, mm.
40x30 Price: 5.7 rubles
40x60 Price: 7.8 rubles
60x40 Price: 7.5 rubles
60x80 Price: 11 rubles
100x75 Price: 15.6 rubles

Price holder (polyether)

Art. DC-2

size WxH, mm.
60x40 Price: 9.6 rubles
70x50 Price: 14.4 rubles
100x60 Price: 20.2 rubles
70x100 Price: 20.9 rubles

Price holder (acrylic)

Арт. DC-1

Prices are given VAT inclusive 18% with no regard for delivery price. All the prices EXW Ivanovo.